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-Not So busy =)

Finally i arrive home.. Home Sweet home.. home Is the greatest place to be. Dag.. I had lost 1/2 of my semester break because of Stuff that pop up during this semester break..
haha. Alot of things happen today. I feel as every week there something new to face haha.. I had wish that it will be a quite semester this year. it seem as Every First Semester There would be something “interesting” Happen. ———

what going on this Semester?? Well this is the first time i ever went back home late for my mid semester break. Why?? Well because i had to attend a camping trip somewhere in Jassin. The name of the camp is drforest camp. It reminds me of deforest kelly who played Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in Star trek. I dunno maybe i already lost my mind due to stress which i will explain later. anyway bout the camp we were stuck there for 3 days 2 night. Well it not all that bad. The first day is just lecture as we havent finish our syllabus and night walk.  The next day is much more fun. We can play lake water.@!!! We start of with water confidence test and learn to canoe!! Wipieeee…. Evening we learn what type of plants we can eat and cannot eat IF we were Stuck NOWHERE>… night We have the cahnce to play FIRE FOOTBALL!!! basicly it fire coconut taht is kick by couple of uni Students.. LAst day We were taught Navigation Skills . We only have Compass to guide us.  My group made it back. but there is one group got lost for 3 hours ended up almost to Johore.

Well The day did not end. I had to rush to KL on the same day.. and guess waht My laptop LCD finally gave out.. 😦 . i did not care that much as i needed to rush To KL. So I arrived KL and stayed At Kelana Jaya at my bRo place. I jsut slept there for one night..

This is the main reason why i am so stress out on my only MMU holiday.. YTM scholarship. For some reason I was picked. At first i did not believe it but i went for their interview. That one is AnOTHER LOOONG story.. my first plan is to hang out with my old friends in from cyber but i had to cut short for my KL trip as i missed home SO much.. So on the same day i Actually ARRIVE home earlier one day!! I am sooo HAppy!!! To arrive on the day coz Today i DID not missed one Of Kedah Event bout Some parade and “Kereta BErhias” hahaha Douh dah Wneg dah tulis mengarut anyway adios?>>>

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