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Penin.. need a break.

crap. Crap.cRap. crap. crap. Crap.cRap.

alot been happening this month. One thing leads to aother. look like i would not have a peaceful semester after all. The stupid streamyx problem havent been solve people doing stupid job. Next few days wouldbe another  long and weird thing going to happen .  I am still trying to catch up on what the heck going on with my life. it seem Everytime i want to be alone another stuff came up and put me in a new situation that i never could know what to do but go with the flow. crap . I taught i wanted to revert back to my old anti social depressmode but it seem that I could not even spent time playing game. — Yes nibee I PLAY GAME. ok Ok maybe not DMC4 Or bioshock of stuff like that in my current computer condition. but i try to spend some time playing simple game like RO and Stepmania. – Yea Neo n teddy  I am still playing that Stupid game. AND i Still do watch anime. well sortaof. after it seem that i only have time to watch Chi’s sweet home.

dammit I need a break. I wish that my semester break was longer so at least i can feel home longer. dammit I Miss home. Home is the best place to be now. nothing to think about, no fraking people want to find you and  tell you to do stuff.

Btw. I finally hold my first position In MMU. It been a while since i had one. the last time i had one was in high school and that was not that much of work to do.  I gotta head of software SIg for ITS.  Oh yea back to work i need to finish proposal to give to my new president.

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  1. Neo-Nagi
    August 31, 2008 at 11:57 am

    ….. Well, to tell u the truth, i’m also playing RO in here ! Hahahahaha ! Damn i miss Stepmania…… At least you have a position in it. I;m still just your average Joe !hahahaa

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