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Stupid things keep happening.

Somehow i think I have really how can i say “exciting” first semester. I can say it is a good thing but it always seem that everything like tu bundle up on one single week and expecially on a week where i have tons of assignemnts and report to do.

Well at least i am greatful that I am still sane rather then being the

weird  stuff that happen.

-2 week before -I lost an important document via Pos LAju. ( really important )- missed 2 class. ( yeah Teddy I missed class), library books over due AGAIN, compiling Java program and make the computer slow and worsten up. -Sob sob-
-on One day Streamyx was fixed, data comm exam, exam date postpone, bus reservation was done, pangkor trip was done, and the important letter arrive. – kinda lucky day for me-,

last night. my computer decided to go critical. So i have to format it back. it took me whole 10 hours to get it back running almost like it was. but I feel it is not the same. the os might be diffrent but the peosonal touch and memories is gone. .. *yeah i know i say i would never format my pc* in this case. i prefer to say that i had to do it. If not i would not finish my work


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  1. teddymon
    September 16, 2008 at 12:55 am

    I not sure which one should I pity.
    You or the pc!!

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