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random stuff.

well it that time of the year again. getting angry for stupid, dumb, unknown reason that i my self. Ha? i guess i do not like end of semester so much. keh kehe. anyway.. fasting month time seem to pass by quickly, and in one two weeks we gonna celebrate hari RAYA yippie~. \(^-^)/ yatta!!

Kahaka..  I am not sure waht to rant on about today i just feel bored and might want to write some stuff. – yeah i am still kinda hate that i needed to format my laptop. but it seem as not much difference from my old setting. Some how it feel as i did not format my pc at all. here the latest screen caps.

Well not much change. I guess the owner pc reflects the owner personality, and it did not change at all. or just that my pc is really slow and i had to disable alot of Windows stupid functions and addon that i do not require to use but only windows think it is useful and in his imagination it is soooo  beautiful…. i wish i use linux but most of my prefer software are only supported by linux.

that one down. What else i been doing? Not much but loafting around sleeping, read some article , try out how to set up home network, and stuff.. Oh yea another thing is i tried playing stepmania again but this time i tried the endless mode. and guess waht i played almost 60 songs straight without taking a break. afterthat my fingers got hurt.. here some screen caps.

Lokkie 31 song straight !!! heheheeh.. lokki like i ke getting krazie hehehe./

better stop here. Firefox having trouble lately. adios

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