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B4 raya post

yippie raya soon. but exam is also around the corner. guess what i am having trouble studying at home. I knew this would happen but it seen i cannot avoid it. i need a way to study alone without distraction. but TV seem SOOOOO good to watch expecially raya time. I guess tomorrow i will try my best to start revise exam notes. even if i need to smash the tv and set a random password on this computer. Arghj~~~ I think i feel a bit lucky that i live away from home. now i know i have my own weakness . HOME. It good to be home but Too much distractions. I need to focus, focus, focus, fo.. eh Heroes, house, Knight rider, Chi, lucky star.. youtube.. astro.. WAIT>>>?!?!! I need to focus. F O C U S F O C U S F….. owh tomorrow is raya. Yeay!! … Arkajrk njafbjian FOcus. FOCUS> .. erm . Wishing you all SELAMAT HARI RAYA. Dun forget To bring back Kuih raya… YEay .. Focus,. .Erm Foood…. FDNandjandokja

– nextupdate short visit in cyber jaya/ –

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