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Random Things bout heroes and anime

Well Lately there are a lot of tv shows that had start back after a really long break. So What else to do but watch them! haha. Heroes. Well some people say that It is a rip off from all the Superheroes shows and movies but it is still fun too watch. Some people out there compare it with their Us counterpart, so What would people like otaku compare Hereos to?

Claire Bennet – Rapid cellular regeneration. I would say She more to Dante(Devil_May_Cry) Healing powers. Well I du have much to say bout her.

Elle Bishop – Electric manipulation cannot really find one. from anime So I am just Putting her under Elecman(megaman) or Pikachu hahaha.

Hiro Nakamura – Manipulate Space and time( teleportation)  He seem to be a more of a game geek then otaku, but Still after last episode being refered as Pikachu, He is more to be Abra( pokemon ) and Cardcaptor sakura Clow card The Time

Matt Parkman – Telepathy , another Physic Pokemon Mew two. read mind. -_-

Nathan Petrelli – Flight. Urm. Alot of magical girls can fly. Somehow he does not quite fit in anything that i can think of. at least i can say he can take Up Astro Boy or something much cooler nagi SpringField.

Peter Petrelli – Mimic abilty. damn the only thing i can think of is Ditto. I tried looking online but only know Ditto. at least Ditto does not have Emo hair style or any hair.

Micah Sanders – technopathy I cannot find much reference bout this but i can only think of one of ken akatmasu manga,Forty (Ai Love you). ( btw can i borrow it again zidee)

Niki Sanders – Superhuman Strength. urm there are alot of anime character that have this super strenght So i am saying it is more of Karen Ichijou ( School rumble) .

Sylar/Gabriel Gray – multiple acquired abilities I would want to say he is like ditto But i decide he more Towards megaman. WHY?? In megaman game Megaman have to kill the robot master to gain their ability so it Kinda the same for Sylar. ( rest my case) (i got bored and compiled this)

( really I need sleep)

Mohinder Suresh – Urm . there not much i cans say about him. maybe he is more to Professor Oak, or Dr Light from megaman.

Linderman – Heal. not much I can only think of Acolyte from ragnarok.

So I hope you enjoy some random stuff that i made up just to spend my time doing nothing before exam . Hope people would not kill me for it.

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  1. teddymon
    October 12, 2008 at 12:10 am

    Dude stop comparing Heroes with others!!!!!!

  2. Neo-Nagi
    October 12, 2008 at 1:20 am

    hahahaha ! fankly, sum of ur examples i can think of better but its ur post so i wont say anything, hahahaha nice one about megaman-sylar ! also, yes you may borrow A.I Love You again * but i need to search for it again sumwhere in my collections. or u can try to find sum on9 mangas. hahaha !

  3. netnavi20x5
    October 12, 2008 at 1:27 am

    can give opinion here. I am open. Will edit your opinions

  4. October 15, 2008 at 8:00 am

    Elle bishop can compare to One of the GetBackers character…Niki Sanders ability is multiple personalities lah…Linderman power pulak is Revive… huhu… Really really stress from Xam… Argh… I’m in Nuclear Explosion Mode…

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