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The last past few weeks i been lock up in my room switching from study to games to anime to tv shows and just random chatting. and i realize that what hold on to my future. Is this routine will be the same thing over and over till i graduate? Am i lack of social life?  Is what people say about me it the true me?  or i just make stuff up because i am going out of my mind?

among of the stuff above i try to get a social life. it might not be normal but i do. Yes maybe i am too shy to talk to people at the first time but as time goes on the friendship does turn out to be really close friends. sometime i do follow people out walking, shopping, taking a stroll. it just that people does not see me doing so and the only time they do is while i am infront of the PC.

True, maybe i am a bit obsess on tv shows and animated tv shows like a kid. But i do read some other stuff. Maybe it is hard to find anyone who are interest stuff like physic, science, technology. maybe it because i did not try to find people with the same interest yet. Sometime I do have personal problems and I do not tell anyone bout it. HAha maybe the way i show my emotions does not really show what i feel. some people just view it as Weng, some just say i been stress. you never really know.

some people might say that i a klutz coward and other stuff. maybe i do. I do realize my own mistake and own weakness. Since we human always like to talk about people in their back so i do roughly know what are my own bad traits.

well maybe i have too much time thinking stuff. That what i do i rewind back my memory and think of ways how could i have done it well or prevent it. maybe it is just me ..

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