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Oh wait They are your friends.

Eh?? Oh this? no This is not one of those post where it about emo stuff, or any personal Stuff. it is just me thinking, ranting bout types of friends me and you might have around you. Why am i writing this? no reason. I blame anime like digimon and some other anime that have friends related stuff. . < oh yea those blame words? It bear no meaning. i am not angry to people. it just a new catch word >

1. Close friends. – erm… How should i start. I guess it one of those friends where you just talk bout anything and everything. not the same as personal close friends, just talk bout any kinds of stuff. from tv shows, politics, rants, the casual debate, and some random stuff like food and chocolate coronet. Spend most of your time with them talking bout stuff. I dun really get why but we do. I blame kedai kopi. hehe. But as long as you have them you would not feel lonely. Eg: Gregory House. Hey He also have a friend. Wilson. even if he a total ass, there will be a person enjoy being with a total ass. < I wonder who>

2.Casual group friends – Well This one i rather say the usual groups like your classmates, Office work people, house mate, and maybe the geng you have playing online game<not to be confuse with imaginary friends>, and card game friends. Well you might not know everyone detail but you do know stuff bout them. Yeah the casual stuff to discuss like class work and interest. it a good way to make new friends.

3. BFF Best friends forever.- Well close friends, talk anything and everything. Hope that some secrets are secrets, maybe the only person that can help you in trouble, any disputation’s may lead to them to become enemy or may be forgiven.

4. imaginary friends- not ment if you are an antisocial type. just person to talk to even if you know you talk to your self. also apply to friendster and myspace where you have 10000 friends but never did talk to them.

5. just friends- at least you know their name or even you know him or her. usual topics, would be how are you, how the weather, what you been doing, laugh on some jokes, how do yu do again, and not so detail stuff.

6.friends or foe. – you know the person, but the other person just use or pretend to be your friend.

7. Place to sober friend, – Sometime you just have someone to talk bout your problem and wish that some one can comfort you or find a solution, or just someone to talk to.

8. Weng friends,- laugh, have fun, laughm have fun , laugh, and laugh.

9. Hang out type friends. – IF you have money, transport, and time. You go out Play POOL, BOWLING, MOVIES, SHOPPING, GO ON HOLIDAY, GO VACATION. not that i hate it just be careful not to spend too much.  or you might leave or fight with friends  because of financial stuff. Great way to socialize

10. Long distance friends.- Email sms, Snail mail, pen pals.

11- boy/girl friend. – dun ask me. these are complex entity.

conclusion. I dun really have  a grudge or anything just want to write down stuff that been in my mind. dag. i spend too much time thinking and have alot of free time.

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  1. nibee
    November 3, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    1000 friends in MySpace and 950 of the you don’t really know, 40 of them u barely know, 5 that u hate, and only 5 that u meet in real life. Not me though, I dun have MySpace… deal with it

  2. Neo-Nagi
    November 6, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    yeah2 nibee so u don have myspace ! big woopdeedoo ! It just means that ur lazy to take the effort to do sumthing 80% worthless ! lol !

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