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Nothing to write but it Is fun. + I blame

Well this is the first time i feel, un bored, this semester break. Thanks teddy and nibee. I think I been disturbing them from day one of this semester break. Cool. In a way i blame anime, tv show, movies, and internet. It feel enjoy to just talk some random , unrelated, mock, and call names at each other and never ever take things seriously. The reason i like to Blame? people always blame other people when they do wrong. Well I am doing the opposite, i blame things that goes right. Here some example.

I BLAME ANIME: WHY? I dunno. I guess The reason i start talking to people like teddy and nibee come from anime and game. teddy refers to teddymon which is from DIgimon. I dun really know how we were close friends but it started there. That was like in elementary or high school. Lucky we meet up again in MMU i guess. Nibee? It start off when i play final fantasy’s sepiroth theme. Somehow it like that and when he start bringing DS, talking bout some tvshows like Heroes, back to the future. wait that i Blame TV. Neonagi? His odd anime taste. I guess it almost the same as other people i know. Second reason i blame anime.

This>SHUGO CHARA shugo_chara_ds_001

Argh!~~ I am not that bored after watching this. I blame saufi. But it did help spend my time from boredom, lonely and i dunno.I think i love something cute and cool.and also reason i am being so happy and positive lately and why my blog colour is red and black < i think i need help here too.

I BLAME TV SHOW. not much. To say. Same as above. to add, I is fun to quote somthing meaning full and fun from tv. stuff like ” when This baby hit 88 miles per hour, you;r gonna see some serious shit.” or ” I can See you Kirk. Can You see me; Chang”, OR ” gas, gas captain. Under impulse power she expand fuel like every other vessel….. “. haha I think I need help here too.

I blame internet > I wast too much time on line. youtube, stumble, anime, Wiki, chatting. 4chan. I just found out i watch 5000 videos from this date of post. That cool in a way.

Well no matter what we do there something..  i dunno. Well this is not a report so i dun really need to give a conclusion .HAHA.

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  1. Neo-Nagi
    November 11, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    okaaayyy…… what is so weird about my anime taste ? hahahahahaha, don’t blame u cause in a way not many watch what i watch ( except those that are really popular ).

  2. zuim88
    November 12, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Just don’t blame me for making people play games.Well, just maybe a FEW handful of people

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