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it just feel strange

change. sometime it is for the best, sometime you just feel uncomfortable. Changing laptop feel good but somewhere you feel sorry to abandon the old one. you change the tv channel if you are bored of it or you do not like it. captain Kirk perceive change as a bad thing in “The Undiscovered Country” when klingons and human needed to live together when One of the klingon mining  moon exploded, turn out to be something good. haha. I dunno what i am writing here but It something triggered me to write bout change.

Sometime i feel as I had change alot. mainly because i dun really have my “Maniac, physco, game-loving,tv-show, hard core ” people to talk or be in the same league with. There no crazy people i can go to have fun anymore. I try to get the usual  jokes around but it usually don’t work here.

marathon  anime and tv shows. It been awhile since i found something i like to watch and continue on watching. i guess it did came back after talking to some of the old  friends, i wonder how did i get here? maybe one year of emo did it. Somehow it felt better to let go and talk about it.

Lonely. Well after SOME people decided to MOVE out from this house. I feel more depress then usual. i dun have anymore people to talk about my problems. I dun really mind if they want to move out but sometime i do feel that i always been ingnored and always been invisible. There is no one that i can go to anymore.

Stop there. There nothing i can do. Try to get hold what left on the bright side is just fine. Whatever is left from it.

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