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ranting Bout Some Some stuff.

Sometime The only way i can vent this anger is by writing stuff. Sometime The ONLY way i can rely this message is through here.

1. ASSUMPTIONS. yeah I know, sometime I assume stuff, Well we all do, Assume there no class assume deadline postpone, When we make the wrong assumptions? Who get hurt? In a scientific way, IO prefer to to use hypotesis. You deduct something and then test it. if is wrong then you found out the real true answer. Why can’t people apply this to assumptions?

2. PLANNING. For some reason I love to plan my day on the previous day. But When some unforseen event turn up might just pissed me off, unless it is more important. It kinda a habit to plan early 2-3 days. sometime I have plan stuff one month ahead just to make sure there no loop hole or block in the plan. But the thing that pissed me off is Last minutes planning. It seem as a regular habit In Malaysia to plan last minute. Some seminar to attend, Some deadline to finish, some trip, some work. WTF with that?

3. TIME value my time, as what i said above i plan my time accordingly. i might not have a timetable but I have a grant chart plan inside. the things pissed me off how other people does does not appreciate other people time. you say you going to start someting at certain time PLEASE F%$!^@*( start At thAT TIME. DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE WAIT FOR YOU AS IF YOU ARE SOME KIND OF ROYALTY OR SOME SORT. UNLESS YOU CAN GIVE A VALID REASON I ACCEPT. REASON LIKE I AM SLEEPING, PLAYING GAMES. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT JUST TELL. A@@ . atleast say you are sorry would be enough to make my day a tad happier.

4. Friends when they are happy but not when you are in need. A$$&@!3. sometime you feel as they are there when you have fun or stuff. when you are in a state of stress sad angry nobody want to ask WHY? FUN FUN FUN all that what people know. WHY? Sometime I ask myself do they really there when you need them the most?

– finally end of venting out some things i want to say for soooo long.

keeping in stuff will give you cancer – house M.d

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