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one of those days

It one of those days where people get to emotional, angry,sad, happy, jelousy, hurt, enjoy. And recently there an increase of people talking about it. Some just post it on YM status. Some talk about it. Someone ask about it. Some try to break it. Some try to fix it. Some try to find about it. Some avoid it. What is it? Well guess what. Is the one word i rarely use except to show i care to my parents and god… The word LOVE.

Somehow alot of people are affected with it. Crush, like, happy to be with someone. I dun really get why. Not mean i am a heartless person just that what is going on out there? Is it some sort of virus? yeah I know it is not me talking about this stuff. coz “i am not experience” or ” i am not mature” or stuff like that. But it does raise the question are the people saying the stuff really are Pros? honestly, I feel themself are just as Noob and unexperience. Coz there nothing in common in this kind of stuff. It is not like it is in a text book. ( well actually you can google it but this only show you are either hopeless or a geek )

Why am i writing this stuff? main reason I am bored. Second reason …… I have no particular idea yet.  Naaa. there nothing much i can say bout this stuff. mainly coz i dun get it either. Somehow i kinda like the following comic. It is from http://xkcd.com/ ( IT IS NOT MINE )

not mine

not mine

haha. I guess this is one of those days .. hope i would not write stuff like this. The internet seem to stop after i post this.

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