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TV shows around the world.

Well actually this would be a really long post. i am not sure if it would continue  on next time.  well lets try start off with something easy first.

Well, i am not sure how other student life is but i can say that  majority MMU student would do the same stuff. – no study conducted  it is an early hypothesis- Well that not what I want to say. Today it about Tv shows. Like at home after a whole day work you gonna relax for awhile and turn on The TV and watch news or a tv show. I figured out that i been watching some variety of shows from US, British, Japan (or Asian) , and local shows. and it hit Me to write what I think about them.  For today topic I would like to start with the Tv shows I know. i guess you can say Tv Stereotypes. Haha

Lets start with Tv Drama. Start with American TV.

1. Cool gadgets with really flashy GUI or interface. -CSI

2. Regular American jokes or puns. – Dunno

3. Most of the time Hero or Heroine Never dies.-most TV drama

4. Good at taking old material and make it new.-Heroes

5. Great Clifhangers which makes you go bezerk as it just stop there.

6. Great at Creating Science Fiction Theory -time travel, worm hole yada..

And We go To British TV.

1. – Great use of English humor.

2.- Some Sarcasm jokes which are really funny.- Doc Martin

3.- love to toy around English language jokes. – Mind your Language.

4.- Bold and brave to speak up and insult people. /Top Gear

5. I cannot find alot here coz most of british Tv i just watch comedy. – The IT Crowd.

Japanese or Asian Tv (including Korean and China) -Sorry malaysia not included yet.

1.- Really cute actors. I mean Really cute.

2.- Most of the powerful love story can make you cry.

3.-Sometime Extream violance , or Extream actions. – battle royale

4.- Hero or heroine can die or live. So the ending is uncertain.

5.- Unexpected turn of events.  way better then US.

6.- Some of the Drama is took from manga, novel, anime.

As you all can see that is just a piece of the stuff i can say about what i know. ( actually i am trying to relax before continue study for final) 🙂

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