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Interesting.. ( not really)

It had been only 2 day since I got back. And I haven’t done anything at all. There nothing interesting to do at all here. People would suggest going out with my friend. But, the only thing is that all my friends are already gone back studying. I would guess some of them already got a work, or would enjoy a company of their love ones.
If I were to stay in Melaka, there are a lot of places to go but I do not have transportation.  Well there are friends there but they are busy half a day going to class. – why did I not join them ? – information of those stuff IS ALWAYS told LAST MINUTES. 
If I were to come back home in Kedah, there is a transport, just that there nowhere to go . – Maybe I need to create a destination for myself. I have to explore if there a decent place to visit here.
End at this part.
So what the idea of writing today’s blog? I guess I have created a theme this semester break. Have something Interesting happen every day no matter how small it is. Several interesting stories come up just after the final exam is over.  No I would not tell you what it is here. You have to seek it to feel the excitement.
Best way to fill your boring time is to find some interesting topic  and try to figure out why? How? Make it more interesting.

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  1. wanie
    January 15, 2009 at 9:32 am

    it’s not a last minutes announcement. it was on the bulletin board for quite some time. it’s not my fault that u didn’t know about it. but you know what, the class is awesome.

  2. Anti-Last Minute Person
    January 16, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Farid, you should know me..hahaha… I’m olso just like you, I hate last minute works, information and etc. Next sem, will avoid those type of persons…huhu

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