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well today is my last day at home then i be going back studying

after reading a post from a friend, I decided  to edit this.

– it is frustrating to that one person does a wrong thing or who is corrupted lead other people to the same profession being label as the same. [ i would also like to post some example but I rather not becausei am still studying and dun want to get into deep trouble simple clue would be P{cough}ians  ]

– Keep making fun out of something that not funny anymore.  – jokes are funny the first time. REPEATING THE SAME JOKE EVERY SINGLE WEEK IS NOT FUNNY.

– Dirty jokes are funny when with the same peers , IN PUBLIC IT IS NOT FUNNY it is just show that you have a pervert mind .

– How people tend to believe spam, bulk, junk mails or sms believing that what is written there is true. [right bill gates will cash in 1000$ in your account. ]  or [ WiFi is dangerous electromagnetic waves – riiiiight…. we should have been mutant coz oh let me see, television radio waves are also electormagnetic waves. p/s hope that this line is would not offend my friends ]

– Ignorance is bliss – what people do not know it  ok right?

– tru friends ARE really hard to come by.

– bad people are easier to spot then good people

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  1. NeroNeoNagi
    February 5, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    aaahhh how I miss this blog of yours… and yes, Ignorance is bliss !!! HAHAHAH !

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