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somehow this is one of the post i would want to write just without thinking. You can consider it as another rant/random/dumb/boring/dull/lame/[anything to describe a boring blog] .. note If you dun like reading about other people feeling or hear it just stop reading now and just act as if i did not say it-

somehow it just felt as if it is easier to write somehwhere. Well i am not really good at starting topic when talking to friends, well maybe it because every topic will definitely  turn out as a joke, humor, not serious topic. 😦

first off. It something gotta do with quote from YM i wrote : [one thing lead to another thing and make me think of it and branch out to other unrelated stuff, that i cannot really come without telling other people who really understand what i really want to say and so on] – because of ethics.  guess that what i am really feeling right now.

maybe it waht our mind suppose to do. keep running some random toughts like how cpu keep running “instructions”

Hurag~!~ maybe i am thinking too much. other people have a free mind. well my brain? it just keep popping some THING. It can be a range from Something like how my future would be like,  then what should i do if i do not make it? What IF HERE WHAT IF THAT!! or something odd like ” How Did Sylar escape primatech Building ” or ” How can Bloody Monday Falcon can easily HAck and Access security camera unless it IP cameras, which in Malaysia we only use simple coaxsial cable”

by this time I forgotten what i wanted to write earlier. then i have a huge trouble trying to remember what i am suppose to do.  maybe that why i am so forgetful.  and now I DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY….

[ after few minutes backtrack the Brain function]

ah! here one of the wondering thing I hope people can help me solve.

1.  Some time when you watch those romantic tv shows, movies, yada2 .. dun ask me why i am talkking about this it is just somerandomtought. – guess it would be like this.. what should one person do if he/she have no interest to people yet, but all of that person friends already in a realtionship. [ have a realtionship IS NOT AN OPTION ] left alone. You feel as if you want to hang out with them it seem as if you just a nuisance- [actually as a friend this should not be but in this case let’s pretend that person feel it ] .. what to do?

2.  What can I do. I mean next semester, most of my friends are going to their Industry training, well trying to be sane it should not be a problem, but mixed feeling.. somehow being alone and no one to talk to make me feel uncomfortable. There no one to talk when you have a problem, or something exciting happen. most of the time they would be going back home, and take a rest because tired of working. *sigh*

3.  What happen to those things such as moral values, ethics and stuff our grandparents pass down that suppose to be a right guideline for our society. How people forgotten the simple moral value like not to cheat or lie and yet, it seem as people do it. – i know that that whole paragraph above make no sense at all mostly i do not know how to explain it.

4.  more stuff. I guess I am infected with those people who fell in “love” or because it is “highlighted” for this whole month. – I BLAME DRAMA –  well not that i am depress or anything, it is making me think of the stuff related to it.  Yeah What can i blame, i dun have experience in it, how should i know.

5. Is there anyone out there care to hear people rant or just release stuff to? I know I can. Well I would want to hear other people stories because it is interesting. It might not be nothing for them  but it is interesting for me.  -[ What the h4#@ am i talking about?

ah so that comclude what is what I can label as “weng”

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  1. February 9, 2009 at 12:38 am

    Like a big brother to you all…
    I will answer your questions…
    I’m not sure that my answers will be helpful for you…
    But I hope that you can learn more from others opinions…

    1.If i’m not wrong, the situation you are saying is the situation where you became a ‘kacau daun’ or a ‘light bulb’ if it is in chinese… Me, used to be in this situation… Want to know you are comfortable or not, ask yourself… Want to know other are comfortable or not, ask them… Some questions will never hurt others… If it hurts, just apologize… Be frank to others as well as yourself…

    2.If you afraid of being lonely, try to think about what will you do when you have grown up and graduated… Friends will never be at our sides at all time… Reach out for them and I’m sure they will respond to you as soon as possible… If they don’t respond, it doesn’t mean they forgotten you… Get to know more new friends if you can… Talk to yourself is not an option… It will just make you go Tanjung Rambutan… Try finding new future family member… Hehe… Coz family last forever…

    3.Moral and ethics… How many time did we really practiced it in real-life… I don’t really go and count it frankly speaking… I myself often disobey orders and run out of plans… We can’t control ourself as well as others… Just be yourself… Be someone you want to be… As long as you feel that it’s ok… Then just keep on with the feeling… Of coz, with some reflection on the mirror to help you realize that you’re still on the right track or not…

    4.LoVe is one wonderful thing… Even if you denied it for now… Someday you need to face it and deal with it again… The time has come… For FariDitto to evolve into FaridInLove… Be brave and face your future… Muahahahhahahaha…

    5.As I said on the top of this comment, Big brother is here… Need help or guidance just tell me… I’m not sure it will help or not… But it may help for others to look on my mistakes and avoid it in their own life… The best learning method is to learn from experiences… Not from your own experience but from other experience… Sometimes, it will be too late for one person to correct his own mistake… Sob…Sob…

    Hope the answers make you feel less Weng… hahaha

    “LoVe & FriendShip FoReVeR”
    Teddy Ooi

  2. netnavi20x5
    February 9, 2009 at 2:06 am

    I have no idea what to say about that

  3. February 9, 2009 at 3:17 am

    Tak patut la… buat penat jer comment panjang lebar…
    At the end, cakap no idea about ‘that’…
    Ehem…Ehem… Clarify please…
    What is ‘That’… Hehe…

    “LoVe & FriendShip FoReVeR”
    Teddy Ooi

  4. netnavi20x5
    February 9, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Somehow I have the Urge to kill you. gtshaotrhjqbhmu9hvuhewhmhw

  5. February 9, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    Muahahahha… come and get me… (^0^)

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