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funny thing happen bout IT/computers that I realize.

hahaha. now i am almost at the end of My IT studies. after what happen just now, I felt like writing something here. So Most of the thigs here i want to compare myself before i know alot about computers, then when i was an average computer person and an IT student. here goes.

1. Printer Problem.

beginner’s level: .since It was rare to use the home printer it rarely break down. You just buy the cheapest and use it. when The ink would not come out you open it, guess that the ink ran out then buy new expensive original cartage ones and use it. – hours of solving the problem 10 minutes. (given you already buy the ink)

Second: After know what a computer cpu graphic card and so on, you know where to buy “cheap” imitation inks or refills. time taken 1 minutes for cheap imitation inks,10 minutes to refill.

after taking IT course.:  You want to print some things. ink would not come out, display says ink Jam, or catrage not found. You open it, kick it, curse it , unscrew it, look for ways of fixing it. kick it again  and repeat. despair, you go out try buy new cartage. wala! It works. days Spending to fix it. 1 1/2 days.

Moral. the easiest way it The best way.

2. Upgrade computer.

primary school.-before knowing alot about computers, you buy the stock, default computers.

high school -knowing what DDR, HD SAta, ATI and stuff. you build your own. and assume 5GB of ram is fast.

undergrad -after learning so much in college, You found out you must balance CPU frequency, Bus speed, Memory speed, and yada2. you do noe need to buy HUGE ram, HD and so on if you have A slow Motherboard.

3. ISP

primary school. –  1515/ dailup is good enough.

high school – 1 mbps enough to play game or surf, and curse ISP for really terrible line.

College- you know what interference, line of quality, Quality of service, NAT, ip address, PAP, CHAP, interneal resistance, and so on. you blame telephone provider for bad phonelines, ISP for bad Addressing, The world for spreading malwares.

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  1. Wanie
    March 26, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    1. solving problem with printer:if the thing is not working, go to shop at the hostel and print.

    2. buy a fast motherboard for gamers. i don’t need all that since i don’t really pay games. but i do need it to be fast so that i can do my assignments parallel with my chatting.

    3. easy. use intranet in campus. at least the pc in campus are already fill up with malware, so u don’t have to worry about downloading one.

  2. April 17, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    nice one! HAHA! true true.

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