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Some stuff need to say.

well alot have been happening till today, and some of them seem great in some way. here i would want tell you a story. A love story. a love story …


well actually just want to say some stuff.

Earth day: Kinda missed it. did not care that much because done my part in nature. Well i guess when i say this some fool will say “right” “so caring 4 nature and stuff” Well not to brag, or much, I did some of my a part helping earth. i try to cut down plastic bag usage in mini mart,  carpool, throw rubbish in dustbins, and also help mak cik cleaner some extra bucks for letting them recycle empty bottles and papers. well this is not me. This is about our mindset. I am afraid that the reason people followed earth hour is just because they follow what people do. What i am trying to say is why stop there? why can’t we do our part too. I dun mean to be all green. but at least do it because it is right. I just hate or it angers me to see someone throw rubbish out of their car even if it is just a tissue paper. It make me sad to see how dirty a place is after pasar malam. I hate when parents show bad example or did not advice their children properly if they throw rubbish  not into  the dustbins.

People: Sometime i want to share my point of view in to the world. for me it is better to know BOTH sides of the story rather then one. what i am trying to say is. somehow i do not want people to see just the bad stuff in the world, I want to share the good stuff as well.

listen: i guess i have been a listener to other people problems, Not that i hate it or not. I like it. I feel as if it is my mission to at least make other people feel good or feel better. That why my caller ring tone still playing “I feel good song”. “it is better to talk about it then keeping it in”

weird me: guess sometime i let my feeling do the talking rather thinking it straight. yeap I know. i guess it one of my weakness. i know i hurt some people with my actions but I hope someone can stop me or warn me if i were to do something studpid or so.

Horror Movies: haheehea I dun mind watching them.  The only THING i dun like it SUPRISE. I hate it when someone sneak up behind me an BRJUAU.

End note: not much i can say. I just want to say I LOVE YOU TUBE AHAHAH
late april fool POst

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  1. teddymon
    April 4, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    but one thing I am impressed about earth hour! damn fast the news spread!!

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