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It is been awhile since i write what i really think of people. lately 2009 have been an interesting year. To me I have been an “observer”. Seeing my friends, my close people, seeing new friends making new connections, I have been more active this year than previous years.  Maybe I have accepted reality, I moved on, the past is in the past. But this is not about me. It about friendship, relationship, and family.
Friends. Trust then or TrustNo1.you may have a lot of friends but who can you trust? Some might seem as nice to you, but deep down they may just want to take advantage of you. Some pretend to be close friends  but in the end we are the one to suffer. Recent event I seen myself trying to help any friends in need or trouble. Maybe there no point of me doing those stuff. How much help can you give to someone? Trying to know if they lie to you, or they might have hurt other friends of yours?  What should you do?
Relationships . yeah I know I hate to say that word just some other word I would like to put here. Luv. I have seen or heard couple of break up and new relationships, some are too other are just normal stuff. Odd one is the one you do not expect. You seen the signs but deep down you could not believed it but it happen. The usual love story is just one guy and girl know each other known each other for so long that they end up as item.
Breaks up are the saddest thing. There are people who are close to you and seem as an ideal couple but in the end they gone separate ways. Why? Questions like this puzzle me. Maybe I analyze it thru  a scientific or logical perspective. I never know what “variable” or “inconsistence” or some behavior that I did not see.
Family,  I miss them. Sometime it is fun to hear other friends talk about their family. Some are laid back and tell them not to stress out, some are just funny how they act. Being far2 away from family did improve relationship with them. While I have been unlucky among my peers here not able to get back home to often,  a call is just a something I need.

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