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Star Trek 2009 movie. [Update + Explain some stuff not from the movie]


It been a while since i wrote stuff here. Been really Buzy of some bloody assignments. THe title? today it about the new Star Trek Movie.




Warning Spoilers Space the final frontier. Well I watch the movie twice. Haha the first time. i was speechless. I have nothing to say. A mix feeling actually. I would like to say i like it but at the same time i have doubts, alot of questions.. . Here is a simple movie plot report from me

– It a REBOOT. God dammit Jim.. Did J.J make this movie based just because it had label STAR TREK infront? It did occur to me it be Star Trek 90210. But after seeing it. It deserve to be into the Star Trek Universe. Compare movies that only use the name for gain popularity oh like how Dragon Ball and Legend of Chun li note [BOTH SUCKS]:SPOILERS: IT A PARALLEL UNIVERSE. [go wiki it] IT make a hell good REBOOT. Means There are many version of star trek out there. this is just i coin it J.J universe.

-PLOT : SPOilers! : Seem that it is in an alternate Universe/Timeline and sort, Everything changes when A renegade Romulan is dump in the past. For me It show how thing would work if a villain Went back in the past. > refer back to the future II hahaha. One thing can change everything.

PLOT 2: I dun accept it as James Tiberius Kirk Autobiography, I say it an adventure !. events which lead him to command USS ENTERPRISE. coolest thing is he is able to skip USS FARRAGUT. wiki it.

PLOT3: SPOCK. OMG IT SPOCK FUTURE AND PAST SPOCK. How Spock Dealt with his 1/2 human 1/2 Vulcan.Note Vulcan mind trainin is like star trek 4 the voyage home.

PLOT4: BONES: One character that seem to be balance between Spock and Kirk. His remarks and insults are the best. Who could resist not saying “I am a doctor not a (n)” Trekkie note try to notice head nurse Christine Chapel

Sub Plots: Alot of RED shirt Sacrifice. :note: redshit in star trek universe = death = show how dangerous the Away team Mission. We salute you Red Shirt;Notable redshirt death. one been suck out in space. one burn in crisp.

Effects: OH MY GOD. EVERY SINGLE movie angel of any Star Ship Uss Kelvin, USS Enterprise LOOK REAListic. Never been so happy to watch It in action again. Good Bye Undiscovered Country. Note: JUMPIN TO WARP IS THE BEST THING I EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. one time it there another vanish! Now That FASTER THEN LIGHT TRAVEL!!


-The lense Flare kinda make my eyes sore in the beginning of the movie. But in a way it feel as you were there. Not bad really.

– Vulcan, Spock’s Mother Dies, Kirk’s Father dies.

conclusion. It a star trek For all. Reason I saw more girls watch it then guys.


i dun care if people flame war it with star wars and star trek. My opinion those people are fools.



update. ah yes i have been trolling  in some forums to check out what people talk about the movie. and Yes the usual trek insults and stuff but there are Some stuff it may not be clear to “regular” people and i am here to explain it.

red matter? – From what i can understand from the movies and comics, It a substance that allow one to make an artificial Black hole. yeah A BLACK HOLE.

Vulcan? Is Vulcan Home world.

Nero? He a renegade Romulan [one of Star trek Races of aliens] From the future.  Why He say that his world been destroyed? HE COME FROM THE FUTURE and Witness his own planet destroyed. He had a family, a wife, and soon to be born child. No HE DID not TRAVEL BACK ON Purpose. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. Where I explain next.

HOW THE HELL they come from the future? Well. In the future, If not mistaken The Hobus star , one near Romulus Went supernova or in simple word Expand and explode consuming the planets around it. SPOCK wanted to save them but in a way he was to late.

Vulcan and Romulan relationships. they are related to vulcan just that they do not embrase logic like vulcan do. they dun trust each other much.

How does Nero’s Mining ship now a Massive Powerfull Super Weapon? Well in the comics after romulus Was destroyed, “Nero goes to the Vault, a secretive Romulan base, and has the Narada outfitted with Borg technology to begin a rampage against his enemies.” -wikipedia

Oh yea The Kobayashi Maru Test. I totally forgotten about that.  It a NO WIN SENARIO TEST. NO ONE CAN BEAT THE TEST. EXCEPT ONE GUY. YES JAMES T.KIRK. Well he wins because HE cheat. He do not belived in a no win senario and do not like to lose. KOBAYASHI MARU. Well kirk took the test 3 times and the final result he Win the no win senario

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  1. May 15, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    Wooo luvin it! i bet star trek is growing within me…

  2. July 30, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Awesome Movie, simply awesome!

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