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Well finally I kept my promise. I finally went down to Cyberjaya. Yeah, I know it been a long time since I keep saying I be visiting you guys. It probably started from end of our foundation year. Haha but we manage to visit you all 

Here a summary of the trip..

Day 1.

Well day one, we start our trip after Friday prayers, and move on straight to MMU Cyberjaya. Well Photos of the trip will be posted later. Anyway, the first person we meet up is Zul(bukan nama sebenar), well he was HD(sama gak bukan nama sebenar) ex house mate, So just sat down and chat. Later we went to mirol( Not real name ) Ma junior, last year. He was sleeping so we just went To AP( not real name) .. finally we surprised someone. Yea~ .. as usual we chat for few hours and plan on what to do. Then new cute couple Lee room and manage to see live how his new Love story folds hahahahah. At night we went to Alamanda for dinner and bowling. Huhu waiting for Bowling is like hell. Our friend register our name for bowling, at 9 or 10 and start playing at 12 am.. WTF.. anyway we manage to go do one new thing, Karaoke. Hahahah dun look at me like that I DO NOT SING but what the hell, Try new things and live out cyberjaya’s life. Main reason, my friend keep quoting my words, “DR M, says pandang ke timur” which in our term means look to ward the east, means country from Japan and China. After karaoke then bowling, Oh yea Teddy was there, haha glad that he could join us. Then go back sleep.

People I meet on first day. ( zul, kecilk Mirol, Ap, lover SiLee, Davon, psyko Nibee, Teddy, meet up with more Cyber Friends, that I cannot remember my name..

Day 2

Day 2 also weird. Well Daicon was on during our visit. What is Daicon? Ah Daicon is an Anime Comic Convention, Well I guess that is the best time to go Cyber as I could meet up with our gang there. Well most of my close friends were the committee of the board games division. So I spent most of my time there and elected as a part of the committee member. YAY! Well it kinda a back stage pass for a lot of stuff but I did not use it well because I was more focus to meet up with friends. Later that night we went out dinner with SiLee’s Friends. Then had a chat with Ma old Friend, Hito. Not that long chat coz I do not want to disturb him much coz he have work to do.

Oh yea people I meet on second day. Arvin (hito) , king Julian, KillerJeff, Riku2replica(Louis),epol, Ain, Kevin, Zaf, and more friends.. then more Of SiLee friends..

Day 3 last day

Well day start off slow as I woke up late, meet up with friends, and more. It was more on chatting and talking how things are there. haha I manage to meet up with the few of the only girls I knew during foundation time, Anis, Amal, Naju. Hahah never thought that we spent more than 3 hours taking, hahaha. A lot that I missed, and more stuff I learn from them.





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