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Been a while since i wrote stuff here. Most of the time I forgot what to write when new post window is up. But after some browsing through some other blogs, i wonder if this is the best place to write what i am thinking. One no one really read this. It is usually ignored and no one really care. you could say it just a place i can just put stuff and no one pick it up. basically i just put some short summary of things in my mind, dun care what gonna do.
– Lonely
– messed up mind
– Exams
– Future
– Stupid.

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  1. zuim88
    September 28, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Lonely – Play World of warcraft
    Messed up mind – buy sleeping / anti depressant pills
    Exams – Eat in library,work in library, sleep in library. Failing that sleep around town at any house where the occupants can teach something.
    Future – Buy Insurance
    Stupid – Find Bomoh
    At least there is something to do instead of here in Auckland where its BORING and the only large event lately is Boobs on Bikes last week.At the temp of 18 degrees and over 9000 variation of flu virus + incoming storm + risk of staying another one year + 800 hours of practical yet to be done.
    Now where is the motivator who told us that everything will be easier after we fly here?

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