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Farad Study method

haha this is not a recommendation on how to learn life’s important lessons but just how I operate or do stuff.

1. study days b4 exam. But do not cram everything in a night,. Lets just say, Study one or two chapter and take a short nap. { some study shows that you learn better and remember Most if you take a nap after study}

2. find a spot where you can study, for those who are shy that people will say ” WOW your studying , good good,” or “fwoooah! STUDY!, you dun need to laaa you already smart,” or ” PERRRGH,,, STUdy!, Skema Giler” I recommend FIND a spot where you do not meet this people. or study far from your PC. It works.

3. Group study with people who care bout you. Usually It works if we work together. go ahead with friends who study lightly and fun, even if most of the time you be chatting, make sure you can control them and remeind them to study. yeah. it take time .. Must have fun studying, because most of the time you remember more when you have fun and study

4. Have some candy,dates, or sweet food while studying. rumors say it helps because it fuel your brain

5. Avoid heavy food b4 studying, have a light food or fast while studying. Heavy food like rice, curry ect, would make you feel sleepy.

6. Do not study till exam starts. haha This mainly for me, It does not help much.

7. Don’t panic.panic Killer Paper? calm down Be confident .

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  1. zuim88
    September 29, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    Get a Redbull for the extra kick occasionally and drink 2 cups of sugarless coffee a day.
    Find someone with compareable intelligence, NEVER,EVER study with a genius without preparing at least 5kg of textbook,wikipidia and nintendo DS/PSP(for when conversation goes out of this world)
    Put the picture of your most behated (or jealous) friend/lecturer in front of you. Motivation is important according to modern management theory.
    Not sure about the food, I did the cooking almost everyday so somehow the work done made me continue working (adrenaline from cooking?).

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