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the misunderstood

been a while since i wrote stuff, Not much to talk about. Been keeping alot and quite on alot of stuff, thinking what wrong and the why… But it bother that people misunderstood how i feel, who i am, what am i really feeling, Most of the time people think that i am mad at them, most of the time they think that i am too stress out, most of the time people think i am a loner. Don’t you just hate how people assume about yourself. that how i feel and Sometime it also my fault for assuming things on others.

– sometime i just hate when someone assume i would not join an activity just because i turn down previous offer,. for me it would be rude if i were to join without invited or asked first.
– Sometime when i do not reply a call, message, or question, people say that i in a bad mood…

-sometime i just hate when people treat me as a spoil or weak person.

I AM an Independent Person. I do things myself without people help, Only when I do not know I ask how should i do it. I love to ask because I do not want to be lost or a fool who thinks he knows everything. “malu bertanya sesat jalan”

the Question i always aks myself what is my true self? When i am with certain people i act differently, with other geng i act another way. maybe this image i have is a confusing expression,

But one thing that i am glad of.. friends that ask me if i have a problem and some friend who just help take my mind of problems and friends who truly know me for who i am an not from where i am from.

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