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I am not sure what to write actually. It is night, and not much to do. Chatting? Kinda Lonely No one really replied my message. I think I did something that made some One mad at me. Maybe it is just a feeling or maybe nothing. Or I been thinking very very Veeery much.. enough With that No one really care about this post.I dun think Everyone read this just the usual faces.

So What should i say here? aku dah weng.. I know It the end of semester. I should do One post about this semester. Most of my friends are not around in MMU and in Melaka. Most of them went Industry training. Sometime I did meet up with them. But Everyone seem busy with their job, so i decide not to disturb them. yahoo seem the Only way to communicate with them, Haha I know you all are bored in the office to…. Not to worry.. welcome back to Student Life, Where Instant Noodle is dinner and Endless assignment in line to be done. …

?.But last semester was not that bored. I did get to know few more friends much closer, getting weng by the day. I did get into some trouble and mess along the way. haha Some mess i did get in. Last semester was exciting. Oh yea. FINALLY i did kept my promise to visit friends there. woops.. Haha. I also kept a promise to meet up with old friend too. Last semester i think i went down KL more then 3 time. Finally I do something out of my room instead of sitting there doing nothing.

Last semester it felt like ‘get to know’ your friend closely. Talk about our background and stuff, history, common goals. I guess i am always a good listener. even so I am never a good or the best to talk to. I Dun really have much to talk about myself. It been a good semester after all. before the semester start I would fear that I be left alone. But maybe i am not alone after all…

But not all were great last semester. I know i been harsh to people, I do know my bad attributes when i am angry at a person, I know something I sound so rude to people. I know I have my negative side. I accept it and tried my best to overcome it. If there anything i say or done that was rude or offended you. Please forgive me. Not everyone perfect.. One thing i am bad at is saying I am sorry. expecially when i do not know what i done wrong to upset people or i forgotten what i done to upset you.. I did get into a fight, I did ignore People help, I did blow steam to the wrong person. If i did, i am sorry. I am also sorry if i did not hear or notice my friends call for help. I am only human, one day you might do the same thing and regret.

Next two week is gonna be one last semester to some friends, two more semester to another group of friends, and might be my last year with you guys. I know i never good at separating ways. I WILL not want to say GOODBYE, I want to say may we meet again someday.. Oh and i hope this last two semesters we spend more time together happy and sad. 🙂

p/s. THE answer is NO.(if u notice)

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