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HEhe It been a long time since i wrote stuff here. HEHEHehHHAHAAAHAnHAHAHa
JUst Some RAndoM WordS Will Be PoSteD HEre.

What That? I hear Something… It them.. Guys In White Suit. They ARe Coming fOr mE…
I am OK! I Am OK! NoOoOoooOoOOo….
See I Am Smiling I Am Not Craz… I am FIne… Why Are The Hospital BAhagia Staff HEre??

MuahahahUHUhaa …. This is NOt NOrmalll..

{cerita ini adalah rekaan semata mata, tidak kena mengena dengan yg hidup atau dah mati. Jikalau ada persamaan element dari cerita tersebut ianya adalah secara kebelulan sahaja}
{the story is purely fiction and do not resemble any of the living or the dead, If there any element which is similar to a true story it is just a coincidence}

-Final Student Headache
– Final Year Project
– Final Result
– Final and last Studying exam(for now)
– trouble Looking for A job
– Looking for a job
– the future
– Did i mention Looking for a job
– Wow New triad ( unemployment )
– Upgrade class from Student to Unemployment
– Cash —
– New Mission and Quest
– damn been a long time since i play RPG( not related)
– income –% (taxing )

Note this is just some random thought.

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    March 31, 2010 at 11:47 am


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