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Phone Scams

Well kinda of bored today and been awhile since i wrote here. So Why the above topic? Just a short description how phone scam works. first of all these people are criminal, so try to be informed and be a cautious person.

The reason i am writing this is that I just receive a call from one of these phone scammers and it is kind of fun to make them talk soo long and try to convince me to join / follow their what they are trying to cheat. By the way these are what you might notice when there people call you

1. If your name is so difficult to Pronounce by chance they will make a mistake pronounce it or get it right ( only apply to me hahaha)
2. They are from XX company or XX bank or XX insurance most probably they are not. If you not a member or a part of that organization most probably it a scam. eg: If you are not a member of XX bank then high probability it a scam.
3. They say words like “cheap” or “worth it” most probably it is not. Nothing in the world is cheap and cheerful. Note When it sound so good it probably a fake.
4. When you turn them down and they ask why and insist on ? it probably not a true person. Most phone business when you turn down and have you sound as you have no interest they respect their customer.
5. if they ask for a credit card, bank card or account number, just hang up. trust me it you saving your Whole lot of money doing so.

IF you say YES for some Stupid reason, Sorry for calling you stupid follow the following instructions
1.IF they ask for a credit card number, hang up. No professional phone assist or business would ask it on the phone.
2. If you are needed to go to a “certain” location. hang up and do not go. leave the bastard alone
3. IF you are asked to go to a website or given a form to your “email” delete it and do not follow the instruction, Most probably it will redirect to a fake site and get your bank account and info from there.

************My opinion*****************
there are some “weakness” to bank security to identify a person and transaction
(unable to disclose the weakness coz it may be used for illegal purposes) sorry (^_^)

if you do not believe me let me redirect you and copy some words from other websites.

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  1. mra
    June 17, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    It is good to be aware of these scams – the basic principle of getting something for nothing still probably holds true.

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