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I can’t sleep

4:30 am

It’s 4:30 am. I am awake and expressing things onto this page. I blame the cup of joe i had few hours ago.

It is a good time to express some words here. This deep part of the net.
It feel a bit better lately.
I feel down for a few months.
I felt really down to a point where I almost consider to go for counseling. I went thru a few options. Maybe online or phone call.

Things turn around a bit. I tried going online meeting new people. Chatting, just getting to know people. There are people out there who are in the same boat with me. Those who just need a company to fill time.

I went back to the people i know. The people who i felt truly cares about my well being. The friends who I just feel comfortable with. It come to a realization, maybe the feeling i felt before is a one sided thing. Time waits for no one. Maybe the person I like isn’t the one for me. There a part of me longed for a companion who is there when i needed them the most. Somebody that when i am down on some little things is there to pick me up. I am not as strong as i am before. The world becomes more complicated.

As for now. It feels like the thing that matter is to know what I want. What I want is somebody that well, somebody that I can go to. Someone that I just fall to when things fall apart. A companion. Like Doctor Who companions. Just someone that we can go on an Adventure. One that could help put me in line to a good path.

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